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DPR (Data Process Recorder)

Is a software for collecting and archiving production messages from heterogeneous systems using an SQL database.

DPR can be used to consolidate data from one or more systems into a common platform, providing a single interface for all production messages. It allows you to collect messages from different systems (DCs (*), SCADA (**), PLCs (***) via different interfaces (Serial links, TCP / IP, DDE, Reading files, OPC, SNMP, Database)


Advanced analysis rules allow you to format different types of data, including the most complex, into a single, meaningful record. The messages are divided according to the nature of the sending system, each system having its own message syntax.

The data are saved in an open SQL database (read-only) allowing users to exploit this wealth of information with market analysis tools


Message recording takes place in

  • 4 tables simultaneously (Data from the last year)
  • Last 3 years, full site data,
  • data including critical alarms allowing on-call management).


DPR is compatible with on-call management software "ALERT" to allow the transfer of your critical alarms via a multitude of broadcast media (text message, voice call, pager, remote monitoring, ...)

(*): DCs = Digital Control Systems (Continuous process management) (**): SCADA = Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (Industrial supervision systems) (***): PLCs = Programmable Logical Controllers (i.e. : I/O Controllers)