« Certain supervision tools integrate a vocal on-call management, but ALERT has many original functionalities, that are not included in the classical systems, especially in terms of tracability »
François GERARD,
Foreman and Responsible for the software project. (Monaco)
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« The system ALERT is efficient and reliable, so it helps to save time and money »
Henry Maas,
energy and automation management consultant for the Water Board,
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« Alerting « the right person, in the right place is THE benefit of ALERT »
Michael Gaulke,
project manager at OPEL Rüsselsheim
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« Moreover, I had no difficulty in convincing my partners of the value of the Alert solution. The key factors in favour of this choice were mobility of the person on-call, reliability of information and ease of use »
Thierry Desert,
project manager Eiffage (France)
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« We selected ALERT, Alarm and call management for its features and open architecture to integrate in our callout management system. ALERT enables the creation of a flexible system that can grow with customer's needs. »
Mr Petit,
Manager of Automatization systems at BetzDearborn Hevelee

« ALERT allowed us to considerably improve site safety, by processing the whole of the alarms in a systematic and optimised manner, thus preventing the risk of unattended alerts and time loss. »
Philippe Sinon,
technical facilities “safety & security” manager.
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« ALERTMOBILE is a real comfort for our teams, which have considerably reduced their number of traveled kilometers, and therefore the associated accident risks »
Thierry Dambrin,
technical Manager, Roquette (France)
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