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Port de BremeBremenports

The company Bremenports GmbH & Co. KG, operating ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven on behalf of the city of Bremen, has renewed its confidence in ALERT. Since 2007, ALERT, in conjunction with  ControlMaestro SCADA, controls the alarm management of the entire port area of Bremerhaven.

All locks, bridges, pumping stations, as well as fire alarm systems and railroad facilities are maintained in perfect working condition. Integrated in ALERT, the vocal server Jericho improves communication between harbour staff.

Metallurgical industry

Aluminium Dunkerque - RioTinto Alcan Rio Tinto Alcan

Aluminium Dunkerque (Rio Tinto Alcan) plant located in Loon-Plage, renews its confidence in Micromedia International products and chose the interactive vocal server Jericho to perform power consumption load management.

Under a contract with RTE (Réseau de Transport d'Electricité in France), Aluminium Dunkerque uses Jericho voice server to initiate telephone and securely stop industrial machinery.

For several years, this site uses Alert to centralize alarms of 4 Citect supervisions and a Chubb Fire detection for transmission to staff on duty.


Venlor extractionVENLOR
Alert, through our partner Venlor, is used in New Caledonia, in conjunction with ABB supervision for control and monitoring of mining processes.

Water treatment

Waterschap Brabantse DeltaCimpro
The Brabant Delta Water Board: significant savings thanks to Alert

"The system is efficient and reliable, so it helps to save time and
(Henry Maas, energy and automation management consultant for the Water Board) 

When one of the seventeen wastewater treatment plants of the Brabant Delta Water Board has a problem in the evening, the on-call operator is automatically notified via SMS. The latter has half an
hour to answer the SMS. In case he does not answer, the alarm is repeated twice. Then, the SMS is automatically redirected to another staff member. When the anomaly is corrected, the concerned
installation is downgraded by the operator. It is only then that the alert is lifted. Brabant Delta has been successfully using the Alert system since 2007. In the Netherlands, Alert is distributed by CimPro... 



ABB Automation GmbH, german subsidiary of the ABB group, leader in power and automation, and Ökobit, german expert in biogas plants, have jointy decided to integrate Alert in their solution to automate biogas production.

Alert monitors the fermentation process in 5 different facilities in Germany, through ABB PLC and the Ökobit production control system. In case of failure or drift in some parameters, Alert instantly warns the on-call operator.

Ökobit plans to standardize the use of Alert in all their facilities to benefit from the safety and responsiveness provided by Alert.



In one of the largest Club & Hotel complex’s in Australia, (near Sydney), Alert gets jobs messages from Security Alarm sensors in secure areas, fire alarm system, the pager system ( Jtech Genesis) and the gaming systems & redirects all communications as text messages to and from DECT phones via an Alcatel OXE PABX. The right person then gets the respective job.



In Belgium, on behalf of one of the largest steel company in the world, Alert is installed to monitor the boilers producing steam. This steam is used to manufacture special stainless steels.


Opel Allemagne
Opel, part of General Motors automobile company, has renewed its confidence in the Micromedia systems to monitor the cars' production. In Rüsselsheim and Eisenach factories (Germany), the production lines (body assembly, paint shop, final assembly) is automated and monitored by the GE FANUC CIMPLICITY Scada system, in association with the Alert software to quickly react and process the alarms to be sent to the concerned staff.

Montparnasse tower (Paris)

tour montparnasse
Remote monitoring of technical systems of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris (power supply, air conditioning, fire ...) is now handled by Alert. Interacting with the Desigo (Siemens) supervision, Alert receives alarms and broadcasts by telephone, SMS or email to maintenance operators and various officials. Equipped with Blackberry smartphones with the AlertMobile embedded application, maintenance operators quickly and efficiently interact with the supervision for alarm processing, regardless of their location in the tower.

Malteries Soufflet

For several years, Malteries Soufflet, European leader in the production of malt (malt Pilsen, speciality malts, etc.), use Alert on different sites in France to ensure optimum quality of production through a quick and efficient processing of their alarms. Malteries Soufflet recently renewed their confidence in the Alert, choosing this solution for the site of Buzau in Romania.


The new Bosch Modular Alarm Platform 5000, designed to protect people and property, integrates seamlessly with Alertthrough its Alert OPC server. The set is ideal and easy to implement for monitoring and Building Safety with offset automatic alarms to maintenance personnel, security guards or monitoring centers.

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