Towards the future…

The first choice was to play the card of technology: ensuring a permanent technology watch and seeking for advantages that can be brought by development of technologies, in order to offer ever more reliable, efficient and durable solutions. This choice has always been accompanied by the determination to bring ergonomics and implementation for the final user to the forefront, regardless of the complexity of techniques used.
This choice has been especially expressed by implementing vocal technologies through analogical modems from the very beginning of the company, by integrating vocal synthesis technologies at the heart of our products, by implementing ISDN and VoIP (Voice over IP) technologies, through adopting XML standards, Web Service, etc.


By your side…

Another choice, perhaps the most important, was to want to work in closer proximity with our customers in order to understand their requirements and needs better, working with them to find the most appropriate solutions, and being always attentive in order to answer their questions or problems with the greatest possible ability to react.
This choice has been brought about by making a competent technical support available and easily accessible to our customers, right from the company’s first day of business. It is also expressed by ongoing concern to respond to problems encountered on some sites: we never abandon a customer to his difficulties, even if our involvement is not explicitly proven, and we always seek and offer the most suitable responses to solve the problems encountered.
This choice is not cheap. It has never been easy to assume it, but it has enabled us to win and keep your trust, by developing and offering the most suitable products to the needs of our customers, and finally to get into the first places on the European industrial remote monitoring market.


The greatest openness to your environment, and your needs

For the reason that your applications can be complex and diverse, and we think the onus is on our products to adapt to your environment and your methods, and not the other way round, we have made the choice of designing and offering the most open and flexible solutions possible.
The greatest openness to your applications and installations, through native standard interfaces (DDE, OPC, ODBC, XML, etc.), or original interface modules (mediators, message processor) for the best integration and almost unlimited possibilities of interaction.
The greatest openness to your communication environment to contact operators and put them in touch with their applications (telephone, SMS, beepers, pagers, fax, e-mail, etc.).


A guarantee of durability for your investments…

So that your present decisions can still be operational tomorrow, regardless of technological development or modifications to your environment, we have chosen to adopt a modular layout, to give priority to high standards and ensure the best compatibility in the evolution of our products.
We are committed to guaranteeing our customers that, when they choose our solutions today, they can be assured that not only will they continue to operate tomorrow, but they will also remain at the forefront of technology to offer the highest performance and the greatest service.


The best quality, for maximum safety

Because we are aware that one of the first motivations for acquiring our solutions is the enhancement of the safety of your applications, and we have no right to error, we always endeavour to guarantee the best quality and the greatest stringency as well in the development of our software as in its validation and maintenance.
This concern also motivates us in the analysis of any faults in operation and finding solutions to repair them (self-check, backup, etc.).


Close collaboration with a wide network of partners…

We have worked closely with many partners so that you can choose and freely make up the solutions that best satisfy the diversity of your needs, as well at the level of supervision and telecommunications as at that of engineering and integration. This enables us to offer you the most homogenous and integrated solutions.

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