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The Brabant Delta Water Board is saving a
lot thanks to Alert

« The system is efficient and reliable, so it helps to save time and money » (Henry Maas) 

When one of the seventeen wastewater treatment plants of the Brabant Delta Water Board has a problem in the evening, the on-call operator is automatically notified via SMS. The latter has half an hour to answer the SMS. In case he does not answer, the alarm is repeated twice. Then, the SMS is automatically redirected to another staff member. When the anomaly is corrected, the concerned installation is downgraded by the operator. It is only then that the alert is lifted. Brabant Delta has been successfully using the Alert system from CimPro (edited by Micromedia International) since 2007. Henry Maas, energy and automation management consultant for the Water Board, explains that “this system is efficient and reliable, so it helps to save time and money”.  

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Henry Maas also explains that "we use the SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) installed at our wastewater treatment plants. Thus, we can monitor in real time each wastewater treatment plant and take action if necessary. Many wastewater treatment plants are unoccupied and this system allows to closely monitor the treatment process. You can compare it with a control tower. SCADA is good for detecting failures, but it can not make phone calls to a fixed, a mobile phone, or a smartphone. Alert from CimPro can do it, and it also monitors alarm management. The Water Board defined when to alert an operator and when to activate an alarm based on the (bad) performance of the installation. Therefore, the levels of urgency, urgent and non-urgent 1 and 2, were defined in such a way that the on-call operator is
alerted only when it is absolutely required”   


An employee from the Nieuwveer Water Board has been using this system for years. Anthony Bujinsters explains that "here, we often have to deal with defects. A pump can be stopped because it superheats due to an obstruction. In fact, we can reasonably predict when a defect will appear. If it starts raining after a long dry period, we almost certainly know that waste will end up in the installation. The alarm system works very well. When we are on-call and receive an alert, we first connect to our company’s SCADA system. If the defect cannot be resolved
remotely, we go to the installation. This system allows us to know exactly where the defect is. Usually, the defect can be quickly remedied.”.


cimpro 2 Henry Maas, the Water Board's consultant, praises the system for other reasons. “One of the
advantages of Alert is that an experienced operator can easily change the on-call contact person
. If a staff member is off sick, you can simply choose his or her replacement. Its flexibility allows the software to follow very easily the changes in our company. Maas explains that a company often has to adapt to the limitations of a program”. “With Alert, we can modify the application on demand to satisfy our needs. At present, we are thinking about combining the non-urgent levels 1 and 2. CimPro created these 2 levels at our request, but in practise we scarcely use them. Alert is also a stable system that requires virtually no maintenance. "

Redundancy with local systems


cimpro 3The Brabant Delta Water Board opted for
an alarm system with a redundancy
option. Maas: "It means that we have a central system in our head office, but the software also runs locally on all sanitation sites. It helps us to be less vulnerable to any system failure. All schedules on sanitation sites are automatically synchronized with the central system. Operators cannot notice whether the connection between the sanitation sites and the central system is lost. Alerts are immediately transmitted by the sanitation site according to the schedule. Then we can always fall back on local systems. We are very pleased with this redundancy"..

A better expenditure control

Maas concludes that "another advantage of Alert is its reliability. In the past, one could never be
sure whether the alert had been well received or not. Alert monitors the entire alarm cycle
and automatically creates a log containing all received and sent messages
. In the past, some defects that had not been reported or followed caused useless floods that needed to be removed by truck. At present, we can understand where and why the alarm management failed and draw conclusions in order to avoid it in the future. In this way, the Water Board can avoid useless costs.”


The Brabant Delta Water Board 


The Water Board makes sure that water in every ditch, stream and river of West Brabant is at the right level; that is to say neither too high nor too low. It also ensures good water quality in holes. The Water Board also maintains dams. All wastewaters carried down the drain from houses and companies are cleaned by the Water Board. This is why wastewaters from kitchens, showers and sinks are cleaned before being released back into the environment. It is implemented in 17 wastewater treatment plants. The Water Board is constantly drawing samples to control that
the cleaned water is also sufficiently clean..



CimPro BV is a supplier of remote monitoring systems. These systems are made of standard products to ensure their adaptability. An increasing number of industrial monitoring system providers comply with these standards. CimPro has become a market leader in the water treatment industry. More than half of the water boards are standardized thanks to the CimPro technology (for example T-BOX) which enables remote management of pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants. In addition, local authorities and drinking water distributors use this technology. CimPro BV provides hardware and software, advice, training, technical assistance and after-sale service.


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