BetzDearborn: optimal reactivity and tracing

BetzDearborn company, one of the first world's supplier of water treatment system has chosen ALERT to supervise stations installed on its European and worldwide customers' sites.

BetzDearborn, one of Hercules Incorporated Divisions (Important American group specialized in the production of chemical products) is the world's leader in chemical products specifically used for the treatment and recycling of industrial process water. BetzDearborn is a multinational company with 28 subsidiaries located throughout the world. This water treatment and hydraulic installations master intervenes in many different industrial, sales or institutional fields.
The products developed by BetzDearborn are used in factory equipment such as boilers, cooling circuits and water treatment systems. BetzDearborn also intervenes in production operations enabling productivity and quality production improvement. The innovating solutions developed by BetzDearborn enables implementation cost reduction while combining industrial necessities and environment protection.


BetzDearborn wishes to propose maximum reactivity and tracability to its customers. In this matter, the company has decided to implement a centralized remote management system which enables to transmit all the alarm and defect information to a central dispatching station.
ALERT has been selected for alarm dispatching from a central station to maintenance operators and to transmit alarms from local stations, with automatic synchronization of the configurations. ALERT 3.4. version, which has integrated many of BetzDearborn necessities, perfectly answers these needs.


Benefits of Alert solution for BetzDearborn

"Based on a redundant configuration, it immediately alerts operators about critical problems. The alarm description helps determining from a remote location via modem the specific reasons and actions to take. ALERT allows us to recover without reprogramming our remote real-time database information from our SCADA Stations already installed in Europe to turn them into intelligent real-time alarm dispatcher to our central information and Call management systems based in Heverlee. With this technology, we avoid a scheduled modem time based communication process when no alarms are present. Our reactions are much faster and this contributes to reducing process downtime to a minimum. With its unique message processor feature, we are able to send status events directly from our control equipments, InfoTrac 2000 modular control systems and or from our PaceSetter/SmartScan 2000 supervisory systems, without reengineering our architecture".

Mr Petit,
Manager of Automatization systems at BetzDearborn Hevelee declares:

"A successful and safe application of any water or process treatment program depends upon effective control and monitoring equipment that needs to run on a 24/7 based schedule. We selected ALERT, Alarm and call management for its features and open architecture to integrate in our callout management system. ALERT enables the creation of a flexible system that can grow with customer's needs."

The integration of ALERT software in BetzDearborn architecture was proposed by MAS TECHNOLOGY , supplier of embedded software solutions and exclusive distributor of Micromedia products on the Benelux. The solution has been implemented by ACAL SA.
ACAL SA is part of ACAL PLC holding with subsidiaries in almost all of the European countries. Since 1959, ACAL SA is an important distributor on the Belgium and Luxembourg markets in the following fields:

  • active, passive and electromechanic components
  • electronic suppliers
  • integration of applied industrial instrumentation and automotive solutions
  • optical storage and electronic document management
  • communication and remote access

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