LAFARGE ALUMINATES automates the radio dispatching of its alarms

lafarge_1The company LAFARGE ALUMINATES located at Fos sur Mer has chosen ALERT for the on-site dispatching of its technical alarms coming from a Panorama concentrator and its PC S7 supervision system.    The maintenance operators are informed through radio by a numeric code or a clear message displayed on their walkie-talkie and by an associated vocal message. Relief calls can be made through phone.


The operators can also trigger alarms from their walkie-talkie (safety alarms) or transmit commands (opening of doors, …).
The interface between ALERT and the radio is achieved by a CPU F2E box developed and commercialised by the company F2E in Nice. This box is managed by a specific ALERT driver and allows to transmit written and vocal alarms and to receive commands from the walkie-talkie. It also integrates a watch dog function which enables to trigger call in case of failure of the on-duty station.

S5 Box

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