Net'Sentinel: new version 4.0 - a lot of new features (compatible with SNMP v3)

Windows servicemode

  • more safety
  • running without any opened session

Client/server architecture

  • local or remote client
  • ability to connect several clients

New OPC server

  • the OPC server can be moved on the client (OPC tunneling)
  • no more network and DCOM configuration issues

New feature<

  • network configuration import
  • equipment mapping file
  • virtual variables calculated based on equipmentvariables expression
  • supervises an installation (industrial process, automation, etc.)
  • triggers calls to the concerned operators when an alarm is detected
  • manages alarm and call follow-up

Micromedia International was founded in September 1994 by Michel LLONCH, in partnership with Applicom International (now Molex) . 

The company’s main business is the development and marketing of a range of software products that implement advanced multimedia telecommunication technologies. This business is complemented by studies (related to telecommunications and multimedia), services (training, product start-up assistance) and the sale of associated products (modems, communication cards, etc.). Micromedia offers complete solutions for the telesurveillance of automated applications and software modules for industrial supervision: 

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