On which media do you wish to receive alarms, knowing that you can combine several means?


Vocal message? ?

  • If you seek to use a vocal message, the advantage of a direct alarm would be right for you

    Fixed or mobile telephone (GSM; DECT; VoIP (protocol SIP) )

    The telephone remains the universal medium, usable in all countries. It is reliable and gives great interactivity. The success of the call is guaranteed, since the person called must give an identification code. The vocal medium enables you to monitor the clearing of calls reliably, and also ensures that the person concerned has been reached and informed. On the other hand, this resource is always limited in terms of flow: one channel per call, non-compressible call time (waiting for the answer, time needed for listening to messages). Capacity: up to 8 simultaneous vocal phone calls via a NUMERIS 8-channel link connected to a S0 base access ISDN 4 card.


Written message? ?

  • If you seek to use a written message, an enhanced centralisation and traceability of your business will be the right thing for you.


    The SMS offers the advantage of leaving a written trace and therefore facilitates its being consulted several times. It can be more easily understood by the operator, with suited action decisions. In the case of the SMS, the use of a vocal message in addition to the SMS is recommended. Indeed, the SMS alone gives you no guarantee that the message will get there and will be taken into consideration by the person concerned. The SMS therefore remains a little less interactive than vocal messages. The vocal message thus ensures that the person concerned has been reached and informed. This is why the SMS+vocal combination is to be preferred. The following GSM modems are recommended for sending (and receiving) SMS messages:

    Pager / Beeper / DECT

    Alert works with the different telecommunications operators of the market. If the operator is public, the pager is usable anywhere, without any area restriction. If the operator is private, the pager works as a beeper system, only on the internal network of the firm.


    E-mail can be via the TCP/IP computer network or via analogical or digital modem (RAS Windows, subscription to an ISP in this case. E-mail can have the same advantage as faxes (information centralisation, traceability)


    Faxes are sent mainly to transmit information to the relevant entities for information and traceability. Capacity: up to 2 faxes can be sent simultaneously via the ISDN card.

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