The advantages of the ALERT solution


A reliable and durable solution


  • A proven solution: 10 years in operation, more than 5,000 sites equipped
  • A standard product designed originally for the industrial world
  • Guaranteed capacity for development, always at the top-notch of technology
  • Multitask professional software, in real time, developed in C++
  • Highly secure operation with possibility of self-control and redondance

An immediately operational product


  • Very easy to implement, with no programming needed
  • Carefully designed ergonomics, for intuitive configuration and use
  • Automatic integration with monitored applications (dynamic alarm importing, synchronisation of clearings, etc.)
  • Complete documentation and in-context online help

A maximum adaptability to industrial environments


  • Total interactivity with most industrial and IT applications via standard native protocols (DDE, OPC, ODBC, OLEDB, XML).
  • Immediate integration with the great standards of industrial supervision through special “mediator” modules
  • Unlimited and customised adaptation with almost any piece of equipment or system via a “message processor” module and its scripts.

An evolved and safe on-call management


  • A highly evolved on-call management with flexible and varied organisation choices
  • A safe on-call management with control of the call completion
  • A complete range of available media to transmit alarms, constantly enriched as technology develops

A complete traceability


  • Logging of alarms and acknowledgements, with the possibility of dynamic export into an external database and statistical processing
  • Consignment of events and actions
  • Recording of comments and reports on the alarms and interventions

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