MICROMEDIA INTERNATIONAL suggests you trainings to handle its software, either on its own premises, or directly on-site.

Presently, there are four possible types of training:




DISCOVERY: Installation/ Features discovery/ Very simple use: 
Training for Alert Users
1 day

BASIC: DISCOVERY + simple configuration:
Training for Alert Users and Alert Administrators

2 day

ADVANCED: BASIC + Advanced configuration/Redundancy/Client-Server
Training normally aims Alert-Integrators

3 days

EXPERT: ADVANCED + Use of Message Processor editor
Training normally aims Alert-Integrators and partners of Micromedia International


4 days

Alert Vision


Conception et developement of screens of remote control:
Prerequisite: Knowing Alert (BASIC Training) 


1 day

Jericho Vocal Server


Conception et developement of a vocal application 

1 day


Trainings for other software -> contact us

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