Micromedia International was founded in September 1994 by Michel LLONCH, in partnership with Applicom International (now Molex) .

The company’s main business is the development and marketing of a range of software products that implement advanced multimedia telecommunication technologies. This business is complemented by studies (related to telecommunications and multimedia), services (training, product start-up assistance) and the sale of associated products (modems, communication cards, etc.).

Micromedia offers complete solutions for the telesurveillance of automated applications and software modules for industrial supervision:

alert miniAlert: Alarm and on-call management software

Jericho : multi-service telecommunications platform (paging service, vocal server). 
Prog'Time : schedule server.
Net'Sentinel : interface for network equipment supervision by SNMP.

In 20 years, with more than 8,000 sites worldwide equipped with Micromedia products, Micromedia has taken its place as the leader on the industrial process remote monitoring market in France.

Since its establishment, Micromedia has constantly and continuously grown.

Over the last 12 years, its business has strongly expanded to exporting onto the European market and beyond, represented in the main European countries.
You can directly contact our office in

  • Benelux (Brussell, 2005) 
  • Italy (Genova, 2008).
  • Germany (Rottenburg 2011)
  • USA (Austin, 2015)


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